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FrameRage Challenge No.9 has started!

Animators, download the new soundtrack by 1kPieces an feel free to animate 30 seconds in any style or technique you like or ever wanted to explore. Please respect the rules of the challenge!

Soundfile by 1kPieces

>>> Download Soundfile (RightClick / Save as)

1kPieces represents the sound that depicts a tree that smashes a wall of concrete with its roots reducing it in pieces.
Landscapes are moving in time like plants coming back to fight modern world ephemeral values.
1kPieces refuses centralized identity as way of recognition.

Deadline for submitting your animation: 2021-11-29

Please don’t forget to mention the sound designer and the challenge in your credits. If you like, you can copy and paste it:

Sounddesign by 1kPieces

This animation is part of the Framerage Challenge No.9