FAQ & Rules

Please note the rules!

The animations should be uploaded in a good quality. We suggest to use a minimum of 1280 x 720 pixel and a framerate of 24fps.

Your animation does not have to be as long as the soundtrack. Title and credits may e.g. also be created before or after the soundtrack. Furthermore it is perfectly legitimate to include title and end credits as part of the approximately 30 seconds.

It is definitely not allowed to cut or otherwise edit the soundtrack! In addition, you may not add any other sounds or music.

In the credits the sounddesigner and the challenge have to be pointed out in the following way:
Sounddesign by [name of the sounddesigner]
The animation was produced as part of the Framerage Challenge (www.framerage.org).

The animation must be made by you personally and you must have the publishing rights to it. By submitting your work, you allow us to post your animation as a link.