current challenge

Yesterday we had our monthly animators meeting in Berlin, where we announced the second FrameRage challenge. We were happy to present two new soundtracks and also a latecomer animation of the first challenge. Have a look the first challenges page to watch Ulf Grenzers contribution.

The FrameRage No.2 challenge starts now!

Here are the new soundtracks and the deadline for the animation is the 4th of march 2019. Keep in mind that this challenge is about creativity and experimentation and it should make some fun to do the animation. And if you think that 30 seconds are to long to animate just think like an anarchist artist and find a personal solution ;-).

And please check the rules before starting to animate!

Soundfile made by Chris Malget
>>> Download Soundfile (RightClick / Save as)

Chris Malget is a Berlin based sounddesigner, music producer and songwriter. Check out his work at facebook, instagram and soundcloud!

Soundfile made by Markus Wende
>>> Download Soundfile (RightClick / Save as)

Markus Wende is working as an animator, illustrator, cartoonist and animation teacher in Berlin. Sometimes he likes to deal with sounds and music.