No.5 (March 2020)

We had a really nice award ceremony at the Tricktisch after watching 9 animated submission films to the soundtrack of Coman Purcell. Many thanks for all animators who joined the challenge, who joined the event, who supported the FrameRage Animation to the Sound Challenge. And many thanks to Coman for giving us this nice soundtrack.

FrameRage Winner No.5

Congratulations! The winner of the FrameRage Challenge No.5 is Mic (Lololand) with his animation „WOLFO“ to the soundfile of Coman Purcell.

MIC at Facebook:

Further Animations of the FrameRage Challenge No.5

Ulf Grenzer – Frühlingsrolle

Veronika Kühner – Zapping

Justanother Anarchist – EGAREMARF

Fidan Akhundova – Die Krähe

Tania de Leon Yong – Y sin embargo se mueve

Matthias Daenschel – planet b

Aygün Völker – The Solution

Markus Wende – Coming from Outer Space

All animations are made to the soundtrack of Coman Purcell